Cambridge YLE Exam Format Revision

Cambridge Exam update


[Revised Cambridge YLE Exam format] The Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers Exam format will be updated in January 2018. There will be changes in the Reading and Writing, Listening, and Speaking parts. Vocabulary lists will be revised and more writing focused tasks will replace some parts in the Movers and Flyers exam. Get ready for the new challenge!

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[劍橋英語考試改制] 劍橋英語基礎考試第一、二及三級將於2018年更改考試制度。是次改制會修訂閱讀及寫作,聆聽及會話部份。各級均會修訂英語考試詞彙表,第二及三級部份考核內容亦會更新及加入更多寫作題目。一起準備迎接新挑戰吧!



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