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不少學生在英文口試都有一個通病,就是只說出自己同意問題的立場與否,缺乏闡述。在面對需要選擇立場的提問時,我們通常都有三部曲:1)清楚地說出立場2)解釋為什麼你有這種看法和提出支持你立場的理據 3)以日常生活的例子/ 新聞作為例子來豐富你的理據。不過,口語考試都是考官隨機選題,考生亦不會有時間準備,在這種情況下,想要拖延一下時間來思考,應該怎麼辦呢?


1. “Erm… let me think…”
Q: What do you think are the most contributing factors of drug abuse?
A: Erm… let me think… I would say there are two main factors…

2. “Hmm… that’s a good question…”
Q: Is reading books more beneficial for children than watching videos on smartphones?
A: Hmm… that’s a good question. I guess it is, because…

3. “Well… I’ve never really thought about it…”
Q: Why do teenagers love texting their friends?
A: Well… I’ve never really thought about it… It think it may be…

4. Umm… (repeat the question)
Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?
A: Umm… Where do I see myself in ten years’ time? …I think I will be….

5. Well, you know…
Q: Would you give up a job with high salary and work in a big company with low wages?
A: Well, you know… I need money to pay for the mortgage loan…



1. Excuse me, can you repeat the question, please? / May I beg your pardon?
2. Sorry, what do you mean by…?
3. Could you say that again, please?
4. I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by….
5. I’m not sure if I can follow you. Could you be more specific, please?
6. Sorry, I didn’t get your point. Could you put it differently, please?


此外,在口試的第二部分裡,你很有可能會被問到與文化有關的題目,屆時你將會有一分鐘的準備時間。很多同學習慣只以Firstly/ To start with 這類開場白,而不斷重複使用只會讓你的考官感到厭倦。同學們不妨多累積不同的開場白,讓考官感到耳目一新:

1. To start things off  從這裡開始(說起)
    e.g. To start things off, I am a university student doing Physics as my major.
2. To start, I would like to talk about/discuss 首先,我想談談
    e.g. To start, I would like to talk about/discuss the over-population issue in
           Hong Kong.
3. I will start by talking about 我會先說說。。
    e.g. I will start by talking about the housing issue in Hong Kong.


以上是Eureka送給大家的口試小貼士,希望大家學會後能靈活運用,在考試中發揮超然水準,passing IELTS with flying colours!


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