Eureka English STEAM Programme

eureka english steam education programme

The Eureka STEAM team comprises a diverse body of members from different academic backgrounds. Within the team, there are experts in education, fine arts and technology, including one specialist who has worked for an American tech firm. Altogether, the team forms a repository of knowledge where every member shares and contributes their unique expertise, in order to achieve their vision for STEAM education in Hong Kong and Greater China—to support the next generation in becoming the future leader of a better world.

Our Mission
The word Eureka is used to express an epiphany or a sudden intellectual breakthrough that allows a person to see a problem or situation from a brand new perspective. It is our mission that every lesson we deliver is ingrained with such joy of discovery and eagerness for the acquisition of knowledge. We cultivate in our teachers a spirit of innovation and invention that facilitates our fulfilment of this mission.

Eureka’s STEAM Service offers a high-quality and comprehensive STEAM programme that focuses on the five STEAM subjects—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Delivered in English, the programme does not only introduce students to the theories related to STEAM, but also encourages students to explore the practical aspects of the subjects through group projects, presentations, experiments, education software and creative workshops. In our programme, the practice of microbit coding acts like a major thematic thread that interweaves the five STEAM fields together. Course lengths and components can be adjusted according to students’ needs.

STEAM is a novel approach to learning. It empowers students to change the world and make it a better place by harnessing interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

This ground-breaking learning approach poses challenges to both the educator and the learner as STEAM-related reference materials are still scarce. It is hard for a teacher to find a book that teaches them how to teach with the STEAM approach. Neither is it easy for students to find past exam papers to help them familiarise themselves with the concepts.

Gone were the days when people dived through a pile of books to search for answers. Students today are more ambitious. Black-and-white theories no longer satisfy them. Hands-on experience and experiments are the keys to satisfy their hunger for knowledge.

Our society is in need of talents who can connect with the real world and are capable of instantly applying their skills and knowledge to their problem-solving. People with such capability are often more sought-after by companies than those who are only good at excelling in exams.

In the era of STEAM, we would like to encourage educators to take a step back from conventional teaching models by re-examining the new possibilities which different STEAM fields can bring, and re-establish teaching methodologies that can truly benefit the future generation.

Programme Structure
The four core values which shape Eureka’s STEAM programme are as follows:
• To co-build a better world
• To practise and verify knowledge
• To develop a problem-solving mindset
• To explore real-life applications of innovative ideas

When the courses are developed, we strive to make sure our lesson objectives align with the above pursuits. We curate our lessons in a way that allows students to participate in the think-out-of-the-box process and explore exciting techniques, such as electronic board coding, programme writing and engineering. Students are encouraged to observe how nature works and raise questions. As an outcome of the programme, students will develop a deeper understanding of various STEAM topics with improved innovation, communication, observation and report-writing skills. Ultimately, the programme will better prepare them for adulthood, helping them to flourish and become the future leaders of our society.

eureka english steam education programme