Interview Star


The course is designed to enhance students' listening and speaking skills through interactive activities and exercises.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:
• Communicate effectively on personal aspects
• Project voice, tone and pitch according to text types
• Express opinions about common social issues
• Tell stories creatively using functional grammar techniques
• State and respond to arguments in group discussions

In this course, familiar themes listed below are revisited with a focus on interview skills.
• Prospective schools
• Goal setting
• Future jobs
• Storytelling
• Current affairs

This course is designed based on VAK (visual, audio, kinaesthetic) model, where students learn by playing games, watching videos and engaging in presentation and discussion practice. Some of the highlighted features of the course are vocabulary building in each section, individual presentations in every other unit, and an end-of-course mock interview which consists of one-on-one discussion and group interaction. In addition, each unit is structured to promote students’ critical thinking skill and creativity.