Private Tuition

Eureka offers 1-on-1 and group private tuition with native-speaking English teachers (NETs). No matter the students’ age or abilities, our NETs will help them level-up their English!


  • Increase listening input through conversing with NETs
  • Learn authentic English using the Natural Approach, the same way one learns their mother language
  • Lessons can be modified according to the level and requirements of students, making it much more effective than traditional rote-learning styles of teaching
  • Target specific skills depending on the requirements of the students, may it be exam skills, business English or conversational phrases
  • Adopt an interactive style of learning. Students will fall in love with English and build confidence
  • A pre-course assessment is included to identify the students’ level and areas that need to be worked on. Regular assessments throughout the course help monitor students’ progress and keep their learning on track 
  • Education consultation is provided to help students find the course that suits their needs and to follow up with their progress throughout the course
  • Eureka has 19 years’ experience in choosing and training NETs, and has offered NET service and English syllabi to over 400 secondary, primary and kindergartens in Hong Kong

Learners may have the classes at our office, other locations or online.  Course schedules are flexible and available all year round.