Cambridge English: Starters, Movers

Eureka Cambridge set 1 2

Exam oriented  |  Thematic learning  |  Interactive Games

• To increase confidence in English oral skills
• To learn phonics and intonation, so as to increase the accuracy of pronunciation
• To provide overall training in the four core English skills—Listening, Speaking,
   Reading and Writing
• To increase students’ confidence in examinations so as to prepare for the
   Cambridge English examination.

Course Description:
This newly redesigned Cambridge English course is the effort of our professional instructors, providing training in listening, speaking, reading and writing. With the combination of the interactive teaching and attractively designed coloured textbooks, students would be more interested in learning English. Our Native English-speaking Teachers (NETs) would hold class activities like songs enjoying to set a strong foundation for learning English and prepare for the examination effortlessly.