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One-on-one or small group private tuition is available to language learners who are seeking a more personalised learning experience and flexible learning schedule. Eureka helps to identify private tutors based on the individual client’s specific needs and learning goals. The lessons may take place at Eureka’s office, our partner centres or the client’s home, whichever is preferred by the client.


Featured Courses

Eureka has a diverse range of courses. Unlike the traditional approach of didactic teaching, Eureka teachers keep their students engaged in learning through effective pacing and customisable lesson plans, taking their students’ unique learning needs into consideration.


Cultivate language interests,
Get ready for school


Interviews, DSE, IELTS, Cambridge
English, Trinity and other public
exam preparations


Business English, Migration,
Pronunciation & Phonetics

English For Kids

1 on 1 English course teach by Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs)

Eureka English For Adolescents

1 on 1 English course teach by Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs)

Eureka English For Adults

1 on 1 English course teach by Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs)

Eureka’s Teaching Team

Adam R:

Adam Rabago hails from the US and is currently based in Hong Kong. He is an Ivy League school graduate with substantial experience working with children and teenagers in school settings. Adam holds a BA in History from Brown University. Through Eureka, he has taught Pui Ching Primary School as a Native-speaking English Teacher.

Cameron M:

Cameron Moore is an American teacher who has been teaching English in Hong Kong since 2014. He is experienced in teaching students from both kindergartens and primary schools. Through Eureka, he is currently teaching at a local primary school as a Native-speaking English Teacher. Cameron holds a BA degree. He has a great passion for teaching and strives to make a positive impact on the lives of young learners through his work.

David G:

David grew up in England but has also lived in Bostswana in Africa and the Caribbean. He studied Economics at the University of Essex, where an essay he wrote was published as a model essay for the course "The World Economy in a Historical Perspective". David currently teaches at a local kindergarten in Hong Kong.

Derek Wong:

Derek is a multilingual teacher with a passion for English language education. A native speaker of English, he can also speak fluent Cantonese, some Mandarin and French. A graduate of the University of Sydney with a BA in Asian Studies and English, Derek has been teaching various Eureka English courses part-time in local primary and secondary schools since 2018.

Dustin M:

Originally from South Africa, Dustin Mason is a teacher with experience in various teaching roles which involved supervision and mentoring of young people aged between 3 and 17. Before joining Eureka as a Native-speaking English Teacher, Dustin studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He has a passion for teaching and is committed to professionalism.

Gareth G:

Originally from Ireland, Gareth Gallagher is a CELTA-certified teacher with substantial classroom teaching experience in Hong Kong. Between 2017 and 2020, he taught at local kindergartens where he incorporated English learning with a wide range of interdisciplinary activities. Gareth has a background in Graphic Design, as well as TV and Video Production. He has applied his strengths to his teaching roles by producing creative and educational video lessons for children. He obtained his two Bachelor’s degrees in England.

Hayley W:

Originally from the US, Hayley Weston is an experienced teacher with solid years of experience in teaching English online and in person. Through this, she has gained many practical skills including lesson planning. She has been teaching in Hong Kong since 2020 as a Native-speaking English Teacher at primary schools. Hayley holds a BA degree.

Jacinta J:

Jacinta Jack has extensive experience in teaching English to students in Hong Kong. She has taught a wide variety of speaking-focussed English courses across four local primary schools. In addition to her teaching duties as a Native-speaking English Teacher, she has brought her wealth of knowledge to Eureka teachers through her part-time role as Eureka’s in-house Teacher Trainer. Jacinta holds a BA degree in Psychology and Legal Theory.

Lauren S:

Lauren Scott is a British teacher who has been teaching English in Hong Kong since 2018. She is dedicated to education and has experience teaching students from nursery to secondary school ages. Prior to relocating to Hong Kong, Lauren worked in several teaching roles in secondary schools in the UK. She studied in England and holds a BA in English Language and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary).

Mehek H:

Currently based in Hong Kong, Mehek Hemlani is a multilingual teacher with international experience in teaching English. Before joining Eureka as a Native-speaking English Teacher, she taught English to children aged 3 to 4 at a kindergarten in Guangzhou. In 2018, she was also a Summer School English Teacher at Greenwich Public School in London. Mehek was educated in the UK and holds a Master’s degree. She can speak both English and Mandarin.

Nicholas B:

Nicholas Bett is from the UK, where he gained experience working in a boarding school environment through his role as a Graduate Trainee Teacher at Seaford College. He received his BA from the University of Nottingham. Nicholas enjoys playing sports, which he sees as a means of developing his own leadership skills and dedication to teamwork. In 2021, he joined Eureka as a Native-speaking English Teacher.

William P:

Originally from the US, William Peterman is an ESL teacher with many years of experience working as an English instructor in China. Back when he was in America, he was an Academic and Career Advisor at Colorado Early Colleges. William joined Eureka as a Native-speaking English Teacher in 2021. He went to university in both America and China. In addition to his Bachelor’s degree, he also has a Graduate Certificate in Chinese Language.

Why Eureka?

Enquiry / Application

As a perk for first timers, we are now offering a continuous English ability assessment and consultation service to those who have enrolled onto Eureka’s private English courses! We will first assess students’ English proficiency, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and then recommend a suitable course and teacher. Through our loyalty programme, students will be able to collect points and redeem a free English Experience Workshop session.