Excellence in NET Service Provision

Eureka’s team of native and local English instructors can work full-time or part-time at schools or learning centres as native-speaking English teachers (NETs) and English Language Teaching Assistants (ELTAs).

Since Eureka’s establishment, over 800 NETs have been deployed. Eureka’s NETs mostly come from English-speaking countries such as the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa. Eureka always strives to connect the right teacher with the right school.

Eureka’s knowledge of language and passion for quality education are demonstrated through the team’s rigorous teacher selection and deployment processes. We make sure that such palpable passion and knowledge are equally ingrained into each of our handpicked teachers, and then passed on to the students in Hong Kong. We offer training opportunities and organise social activities for our teachers so that they can have the right skills and social wellbeing to thrive at work. 

Client Testimonials

Eureka’s DSE Enhancement Programme has helped our students improve their DSE results. Our students’ results for this year’s DSE saw a significant improvement. Their improvement in English has been especially evident in their reading, writing and speaking grades.”

Lingnan Dr. Chung Wing Kwong Memorial Secondary School

Eureka Language Services has provided Extra-curricular courses such as English Adventure, Eureka Phonics and Drama to children at The Long Beach Campus. I would recommend Eureka Language Services to any institutions.”

Greenfield International Nursery (The Long Beach)

For the past 10 years Eureka has become our trust-worthy working partner for sending quality NET teachers to our school. The NET teachers had also established a 3-4 years long term relationship with our students and staff during those periods. We are confident to continue working with Eureka as our Service Provider and Advisor for better English to the benefit of students.”

Tak Sun Private Kindergarten

Eureka’s NET is a good teacher indeed!”

Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College Kindergarten

Eureka Language Services have been providing Native English Teachers to us since 2013. Eureka Language Services offer various educational language courses to children and workshops to provide professional training for their Native English Teachers.

Greenfield English Kindergarten (The Long Beach)

Eureka arranged three experienced NET teachers to teach in our school last summer for Pre-S1 bridging courses. Our students found the courses inspiring and fun. Eureka’s staff members are professional and reliable.”

St. Antonius Girls’ College

One-Stop Language Course Service for Schools

Eureka prides itself on its expertise in organising courses and workshops for a wide range of schools, complemented by learning materials and textbooks published by Eureka and its professional writing and research team. Eureka can also offer tailor-made courses to suit different needs.

Our courses are delivered by well-qualified and charismatic English teachers. Depending on our clients’ needs, our courses can be taught by native-speaking English teachers (NETs) or bilingual local English teachers (LETs).

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Our Teaching Team

Eureka’s well-trained and qualified teaching team comes English-speaking countries around the world, such as the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and etc.

Muhle is a Zimbabwean teacher who has been teaching English in Hong Kong since 2021. She is experienced in teaching students from both primary and secondary schools. Through Eureka, Muhle is currently teaching in a local secondary school as a Native English teacher. She holds a PGCE in Higher Education as well as a BA degree. Muhle has a great passion for teaching and strives to impact the lives of her students.

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Amber Welkom is a South African teacher with a BA in Live Performance. Prior to working with Eureka, she was a Live Performance Facilitator. She uses her unique background to bring passion and energy to the classroom. Amber is currently teaching as a Native English teacher in a local secondary school in Hong Kong.

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Michael James is a New Zealand teacher who began his teaching career as a flight instructor. In 2020, he decided to make the change to a more traditional classroom and began teaching in a local Hong Kong Kindergarten. Michael strives to make sure all students in his classroom are continually learning and improving their English language ability. Currently, he is a Native English Teacher in a primary school in Hong Kong.

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Amber Khan is a British teacher who began her career in 2021. She is dedicated to education and is certified to teach Young Learners as well as Business English. With this unique blend of skills, Amber teaches both secondary and kindergarten-level students. She is kind, patient and nurturing; winning her trust and rapport with her students. She has a B.A. in Film Studies and English Language with International Experience.

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Edgaras Jakimovicius is an English teacher from Lithuania. He began his teaching career in Hong Kong in 2019. Edgaras has experience teaching students at all levels, including secondary, primary, and after-school courses. In the classroom, he adopts a proactive and energetic approach, enabling him to build positive relationships with students. Currently, Edgaras is teaching at a local primary school in Hong Kong.

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Hannah Keh is an American teacher who has been working in education since 2016. She has taught students in both kindergarten and primary school settings. Hannah is presently working as a Native English Teacher in a local primary school. She utilizes her B.A. in Global and Cultural Studies to understand her students’ needs, and has a bubbly personality, positive attitude.

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Taylor Barfield is an American teacher who has been teaching ESL since 2017. He graduated with a B.A. in English before starting his journey as a teacher. His experience has taken him to multiple countries before settling in Hong Kong. Taylor is dedicated to creating an immersive learning environment in his classrooms. Currently, he is working with primary level students as a Native English teacher.

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Jacinta Jack has extensive experience in teaching English to students in Hong Kong. She has taught a wide variety of speaking-focussed English courses across four local primary schools. In addition to her teaching duties as a Native-speaking English Teacher, she has brought her wealth of knowledge to Eureka teachers through her part-time role as Eureka’s in-house Teacher Trainer. Jacinta holds a BA degree in Psychology and Legal Theory.

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Lauren Scott is a British teacher who has been teaching English in Hong Kong since 2018. She is dedicated to education and has experience teaching students from nursery to secondary school ages. Prior to relocating to Hong Kong, Lauren worked in several teaching roles in secondary schools in the UK. She studied in England and holds a BA in English Language and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary).

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Currently based in Hong Kong, Mehek Hemlani is a multilingual teacher with international experience in teaching English. Before joining Eureka as a Native-speaking English Teacher, she taught English to children aged 3 to 4 at a kindergarten in Guangzhou. In 2018, she was also a Summer School English Teacher at Greenwich Public School in London. Mehek was educated in the UK and holds a Master’s degree. She can speak both English and Mandarin.

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Nicholas Bett is from the UK, where he gained experience working in a boarding school environment through his role as a Graduate Trainee Teacher at Seaford College. He received his BA from the University of Nottingham. Nicholas enjoys playing sports, which he sees as a means of developing his own leadership skills and dedication to teamwork. In 2021, he joined Eureka as a Native-speaking English Teacher.

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Mathee van Tonder is a South African teacher who has experience teaching in several countries. He has taught various topics from speaking to exam prep. He is a dedicated teacher who has taught in a variety of educational spheres. Furthermore, he holds a postgraduate diploma in Pre and primary Teacher Training. Currently working in primary school education in a local Hong Kong school.

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