May 2020

As preparations are well under way to engage learners back at school, Eureka wanted to contribute something that is equal parts educational, active and fun. 

Learning English with Song and Dance

A common teaching methodology that classrooms around the world have found effective time and time again is using physical movement for an activity. This methodology, known as Total Physical Response or TPR, not only helps learners obtain and keep new information long term, but it also allows for a change of pace in the lesson. At Eureka, we strive to incorporate effective teaching tools in all of our classrooms.   

We have written a song that holds relevance both for the present circumstances as well as our lives in general: staying healthy. With the goal of making learning fun, Eureka has also created a dance to enhance students’ understanding of vocabulary and concepts. The dance includes simple but new moves for students to practise while they learn the lyrics. 

Music Video Available Now

We are thrilled to include you in the premiere of Eureka’s Healthy Anthem music video featuring one of our dynamic NETs. 

Click below to watch it now!


Sing along with me and you will see
Caution and hygiene are the key

Tell me, tell me, tell me
What do you do
When you’ve gotta cough or achoo?
Cover your mouth
Cover your nose
Wash your hands with lots of soap
Tell me, tell me, tell me
What do you do
When you’ve got symptoms of the flu?
Put on a mask
Seek medical care
Refrain from going anywhere
Sing along with me and you will see
Caution and hygiene are the key

Future Dancing Opportunities

While our current classrooms are confined to platforms like Zoom, students and teachers alike will soon physically return to school. This dance can help bridge the online learning experience to the regularly scheduled events like assemblies, performances and English Fun Day. For example, your school could encourage the students to send in a video of themselves dancing and then invite the best students to perform in an assembly when school is back in session. Additionally, due to the brief nature of the song, an in-school competition could be held in a single afternoon between all the classes. 

Allowing students to showcase their vocabulary and skills learnt during the suspension will highlight the dedication of both the students and teachers to high-quality English learning. Eureka is also dedicated to this standard and we can’t wait to hear your fun stories about the Healthy Anthem.