July 2020

In order to provide students with a fun and fulfilling learning experience at home, Eureka has come up with some interesting ways for teachers to make online classes and learning from home effective and engaging. These activities can be adjusted to suit the needs of students of different levels and abilities. We have also compiled a list of online resources for different levels below. They can be used by teachers and students both during class or in their own time. Students will be able to practise the four key skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing at home, developing their skills in preparation for the coming term.

Activities for students to practise English at home

‘YouTuber’ Project (speaking and listening skills)

Students may each film a video of themselves talking about something they are passionate about using English. Students may then upload their video onto YouTube (unlisted, if they do not wish for it to be published), and receive their teachers’ and classmates’ feedback in the comments. This will give students an opportunity to present themselves and to practise organization skills while preparing for their speech. It will also give them the satisfaction of creating an exciting new end product on something that they love, and having their work seen and appreciated by others.

Blogging (writing and reading skills)

Blogging is a great way for students to continue writing while away from school. Posting their pieces online would allow teachers to be able to read, comment on, and monitor the progress of the student. The topic of the blog could be on their daily lives, on a topic they love, or on a researched article. They could also read and enjoy posts by other students.

Writing a story series (writing skills)

Teachers may assign students a creative writing task where they have to create their very own serialised stories. Teachers may have students submit a bit of the story each week, and then to continue on from where they left off in the next week. The whole class may work on a single topic, such as ‘Animals’ or ‘Future Cities’, or they may come up with their own topics.This will allow students to practise using English in context, and learn to express themselves in the language. 

Online learning resources

Suitable for kindergarten students:

Jolly Phonics

This site focuses on the study of phonics, and provides downloadable learning materials. 


A collection of helpful resources which includes illustrations and songs to accompany words.


Audible’s ‘Littlest Listeners’ series is a collection of audio books of classic and well-loved tales. 

Suitable for primary students:  

BBC Learning English 

This site includes recordings of stories from everyday life, accompanied by simple graphics. 

Storyline Online 

A diverse set of stories told by celebrated actors. 

Oxford Owl 

A wonderful selection of ebooks for students to practise reading at home. 

Suitable for secondary school students: 

TED Education

A collection of videos on various topics, including history, science and literature, presented in clear English.

British Museum 

Take students on a field trip to one of the best museums in London. Online exhibitions are accompanied by short introductory pieces. 

Young Post

The youth version of South China Morning Post presents local and international news, and runs various writing competitions.

Eureka’s YouTube Channel

Eureka has produced a series of our own original videos, including storytelling, songs, topical vocabulary and videos on conversational English from movies. The videos were produced for students of all ages and levels. Some are even accompanied by downloadable vocabulary lists. 

For Kindergarten Students

For Primary Students

For Secondary Students