Dice Bomb!

Level: Easy

Age Group: 5-18

Props: Dice

1. Split the class into 2 teams and explain the points.

2. Alternate asking teams any question relevant to the lesson topic (great for revision!).

3. Once the team answers correctly, they send a representative to the front to roll the dice.

4. Teacher marks the points down on the board, adding the scores up as the game progresses.

5. Continue alternating questions between the teams and leave the points up to chance!

6. Level up: Part way through the game, add another rule to the points. For example, 2 – teams switch points.

Points: If you roll…
1 – 1 point
2 – 2 points (OR: teams switch points!)
3 – 3 points
4 – 4 points
5 – 5 points
6 – BOMB! Points go to 0.


Level: Intermediate

Age Group: 9-18

Props: Dice and Roll-A-Story sheet (or chalkboard)

1. Prepare a roll-a-story sheet in advance, or design it in class with student input. There should be 3 columns for character, setting, and problem with 6 rows for each.

2. Individually, in pairs, groups, or as a whole class, role the dice 3 times, one for each column. The roles will determine your character, setting, and problem.

3. Get writing!

Download Roll-A-Story sheet

Defeat the Monster

Level: Easy

Age Group: 5-12

Props: Dice, points table

1. Make a points table for  “students vs monster”. The number of rows should equal the number of questions/tasks you want students to complete.

2. First, roll the dice for the monster, 1 roll for every row. Calculate the total –  This is the total number of points needed to defeat it!

3. Ask the students questions/assign tasks. Every time they complete one, they should roll the dice one time for the “student” column.

4. By the end, see if the student total has beaten their monster!
Having a shared competitor is great for building class spirit. Whether students win or lose, they do it together!

Race to the End

Level: Easy

Age Group: 5-12

Props: Dice, board game squares

1. Use a board game as a points or behaviour chart for the class.

2. Go around the board and race to the end!

As a whole class: When students answer a question or behave well, allow them to roll the dice to move their team forward.

In groups: Provide questions for students to play together independently.

Board game adaptations:

  • Pre-write on the squares. Teams must answer the question/use the word in a sentence/read the word aloud etc. when they land on the square.
  • Use a Snakes and Ladders board.
  • Give the squares different colours. Reuse the same board with different classes by preparing question/task lists by colour.
  • Have students design the board game with you. They can submit “event” prompts according to their level or topic of study. For example, “Oh no! Your spaceship ran out of fuel. Go back 3 spaces”.
  • Keep motivation high for all teams with “free candy” squares – only those who land on that square get it!

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