PN/Kindergarten Leveled Task Examples

Student ability may range dramatically in early years teaching as students develop at different rates linguistically, socially, and physically. To accommodate this, consider the different tasks that you can ask of students when showing them a flashcard(s).

Flashcard Actions

  • Point
  • Say
  • Match
  • Sort

Which are more or less challenging?

 With the same set of materials, teachers can adapt the requests made of students depending on their level while achieving the lesson objectives.

Example 1

Objective: Recognize the shape of the letter B

Least able: Trace the letter with their finger

Middle group: Air writing

Most able: Write on board independently

Example  2

Objective: Pronounce /b/

Least able: sing Baa Baa Black Sheep as a class

Middle group: choral speech/drilling

Most able: read B words on flashcards

Additional Tasks

Early years teachers may use additional tasks for further differentiation for learner needs (whether linguistic or behavioural). They can help to challenge students and promote positive social behaviour. Some examples of additional tasks are:

  • Hold onto and display flashcards/storybooks
  • Lead a class routine/song
  • First example as demonstration
  • High-5 giver
  • Clean up helper
  • Mini teacher
  • Hand out materials

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