St. Antonius Girls’ College

“Eureka arranged three experienced NET teachers to teach in our school last summer for Pre-S1 bridging courses. Our students found the courses inspiring and fun. Eureka’s staff members are professional and reliable.”

Po Leung Kuk Ho Yuk Ching 1984 College

“Eureka is a very reliable organization which provides quality native English teachers who are energetic and willing to arouse students’ interest in English. The follow-up service is also efficient which enables schools to trace the progress of students.”

Lai King Catholic Secondary School

“I have development trust with Eureka as the staff have good follow-up and provide good service or NET that caters to our requirement. The contract terms are also well discussed among the parties. The NET we employed from Eureka is well mannered and responsible. I love to maintain partnership with Eureka.”

Chinese YMCA College

“The course Eureka Language Services Limited provided our students a fun-filled learning atmosphere which could not be conducted under our tight curriculum. The tutors were very approachable in the way that students did not find it stressed at all to talk to them in English. With the professional service they provided us, I would definitely […]

CCC Kei Chi Secondary School

“It has been my pleasure to be able to work with the professional team from Eureka for about 7 years. Throughout these years, I am impressed by the professional spirit of staff which looks for different ways to cater to the needs of students. The teaching quality never fails us. My students always find Eureka […]

Carmel Pak U Secondary School

“Eureka’s teachers know their subject matter well and teach effectively. Our teachers and students were happy. The administrative personnel worked collaboratively with our school teachers to prepare teaching materials and lesson plans to make sure we had the programme we wanted.”

United Chrisitan College

“Eureka Language Services provided an excellent ‘S.1 English Enhancement Programme’ for our students this summer catering both to the needs of strengthening their English proficiency via well-chosen reading texts and to learner diversity. Aside from learning different text-types and genres, students thoroughly enjoyed the rich content of the texts for its meaning and reflective values, […]

Cheung Chuk Shan College

“Eureka Language Services organised two courses for our school: ‘S.1 Bridging’ and ‘Speech Festival Training’. Positive feedback has been received from our students in terms of the learning atmosphere and the creativity of the classes. We appreciate Eureka’s reliability and professionalism.”

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