Stephen P

“When I first moved to Hong Kong, I was very grateful for Eureka. They helped me find an apartment and put me in touch with some quick part-time jobs, which really helped me establish myself in the city.” — Stephen P

Jessica W

“Teaching at my school was made easier by the support from Eureka staff, as well as communication between my superiors and me, which meant that cultural differences and language miscommunication were not a problem.” — Jessica W

Jonathan B

“I worked as an ELTA with Eureka for three years before successfully applying to be an EDB NET. Of particular value was the training that they provided at regular intervals. I’m grateful and thankful to Eureka for getting me started in Hong Kong.” — Jonathan B


“There were daunting moments, however, Eureka’s continuous support made me sail through these challenges with ease. I feel so incredibly blessed to be currently working as the Panel Head at a primary school.” — Pooja J

Jacinta J

“Besides finding a school for you, the team offers great social networking opportunities and activities. Big thanks for the very informative seminars! You get to grow as a teacher and an individual. All your questions will be answered, just ask!” — Jacinta J

Calee M.

“They do regular training, they have a Facebook page and they can organise social gatherings, which I have found to be very helpful when being in a new country.” — Calee M

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