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No. of Lessons:

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English Cutting Edge (HKAT)

Primary 5 – Primary 6

10 (Suggested)

1 hr 30 mins(Suggested)

Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.

Course Name: English Cutting Edge (HKAT)

Level: Primary 5 – Primary 6

No. of Lessons: 10 (Suggested)

Lesson Duration: 1 hr 30 mins(Suggested)

Instructors: Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.


The purpose of this course is to enhance students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. A variety of relevant topics and vocabulary are introduced to help extend a student’s understanding and use of English. Students will develop confidence in using English through interactive classroom activities based on different themes relevant to daily life and today’s society. A diverse range of exercises are used in each unit to strengthen the four skills required to be competent in English with varied text formats such as articles and postcards.


  • All-round training in reading, speaking and listening through in-class practices and homework
  • Expansion of students’ vocabulary through learning a different theme in each unit


Unit 1: Hobbies

    • Warm-up: Motion name game
    • Game: Hobbies mime game
    • Reading: Michael’s hobbies
      (text type: narrative)
    • Listening: What do you do for entertainment?
    • Writing: My favourite hobby

Unit 2: Home

    • Warm-up: Category game
    • Vocabulary builder:
      Designing my dream home
    • Listening: House exchange
    • Reading: Mr. Brown’s house
      (text type: narrative)
    • Writing: My home

Unit 3: School

    • Warm-up: Word search
    • Vocabulary builder: In the classroom
    • Reading: Classroom duties
      (text type: instructions)
    • Listening: Susan’s school
    • Reading: The three-legged crooks
      (text type: commentary)
    • Writing: Describe your school
    • Game: Silly Scrumple

Unit 4: Shopping

    • Warm-up: Shopping list memory game
    • Vocabulary builder:
      Where do we buy these things?
    • Listening: Metro centre
    • Reading: Victoria Shopping Centre
      (text type: descriptive)
    • Writing: Make your own storyboard

Unit 5: Jobs

    • Warm-up: Charades
    • Reading: First time as a waitress
      (text type: webpage entry)
    • Listening: I’d like to be an astronaut
      (text type: poem)
    • Writing: I’d like to be…

Unit 6: Family

    • Speaking: I’d like to be
    • Vocabulary: Word chain
    • Listening: My family tree
    • Reading: Simon’s family
      (text type: letter)
    • Reading: The good kid

Unit 7: Animals

    • Warm-up: Hangman
    • Listening: A visit to the zoo
    • Reading: Hedgehogs
      (text type: non-fiction, factual)
    • Speaking: If I were an animal…
    • Writing: Hungry Monkeys

Unit 8: Holidays

    • Warm-up: Big TV
    • Listening: London
    • Reading: Postcards from Sydney
      (text type: postcard)
    • Writing: Postcard from Hong Kong

Unit 9: Food

    • Warm-up: Tongue twisters
    • Listening: How to make fruit salad
    • Reading: A healthy diet
      (text type: factual webpage)
    • Writing: Hungry Paul

Unit 10: Arts and Crafts

    • Warm-up: Hangman
    • Vocabulary builder: Types of arts and crafts
    • Listening: How to make a Valentine’s Day card
    • Reading: A young artist
      (text type: biography)
    • Writing: Arts and crafts time