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English Cutting Edge (HKTSA)

Primary 5 – Primary 6

10 (Suggested)

1 hr 30 mins(Suggested)

Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.

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Course Name: English Cutting Edge (HKTSA)

Level: Primary 5 – Primary 6

No. of Lessons: 10 (Suggested)

Lesson Duration: 1 hr 30 mins(Suggested)

Instructors: Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.


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This course is designed to enhance students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. A variety of relevant topics and vocabulary are introduced in this course to help further extend a student’s understanding and use of English. Students will develop more confidence in using English through interactive classroom activities and intensive practises.


  • Themes relevant to daily life and today’s society.
  • A diverse range of activities in each unit to strengthen the 4 skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) required to be competent in English.
  • Variety of text formats such as poems, e-mails, recipes, and advertisements etc.


Unit 1: Introduction to Conversations

    • Conversation
    • Listening: Ordering a pizza
    • Complete the dialogue
    • Read aloud practice
    • Reading: A radio interview (Text Type: Interview)
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 2: To the Museum

    • Format of an email
    • Reading: Ocean museum (Text Type: Email)
    • Listening: Reservation form
    • Writing: Whose schoolbag is it? (Text Type: Story)
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 3: Speaking Up

    • Word stress
    • Sentence stress
    • Listening: Falling tone? Rising tone?
    • Intonation for questions
    • Speaking: Housework
    • Writing: Speech festival (Text Type: Article)
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 4: Weather and Seasons

    • Quiz: What to do in different weather conditions
    • Bad weather “Dos and Don’ts”
    • Reading: Poem (Text Type: Poem)
    • Listening: Weather reports
    • Speaking: Typhoon activities
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 5: Saving the Earth

    • Scuba diving
    • Reading: Coral reefs (Text Type: Article)
    • Problems and solutions
    • Read aloud practice
    • Speaking: Green living
    • Writing: Save the planet (Text Type: Report)
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 6: School Activities

    • Reading: We need you (Text Type: Advertisement and Article)
    • Listening: School fun fair
    • Writing: Sports day (Text Type: Article)
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 7: Food and Restaurant

    • Rhyme: Ice-cream cake
    • Reading: Waiters wanted (Text Type: Job Advertisements)
    • Listening: Charity cooking show
    • Reading: Pizza face recipe (Text Type: Recipe)
    • Make your own pizza
    • Speaking: Baking time
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 8: Describing People

    • Describing appearance
    • Describing personality
    • My favourite person
    • Listening: Mary and Terry
    • Speaking: A lost boy
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 9: My Family

    • Listening: Booking a family trip
    • Reading: A letter about my family (Text Type: Letter)
    • Listening: A very beautiful story
    • Speaking: Mother’s day
    • Vocabulary list

Unit 10: Animals

    • Zoo animals on the loose
    • Reading: A visit to a charity (Text Type: Article)
    • Listening: Animal riddles
    • Writing: A letter from my penfriend (Text Type: Letter)
    • Vocabulary list