Course Name:


No. of Lessons:

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English Exploration Level 2

Primary 1 – Primary 2

10 (Suggested)

1 hr 30 mins (Suggested)

Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.

Course Name: English Exploration Level 2

Level: Primary 1 – Primary 2

No. of Lessons: 10 (Suggested)

Lesson Duration: 1 hr 30 mins (Suggested)

Instructors: Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.


This course is specially designed to support and enhance the English learning of a child. This programme introduces essential English vocabulary and phrases used in every-day life. It provides a platform for your child to better their English in the 4 important cornerstones of the language reading, writing, speaking and listening, through a range of age-appropriate activities, and child-friendly graphics. It can also help as a preparation tool for the Cambridge Starters exam. Cambridge Starters corresponds to the Pre-A1 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and are most suitable for students of Key Stage 1.


  • Topic-based curriculum covering the essential areas of the Starters level: listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar
  • Clearly defined learning objectives and meaningful tasks included in each unit
  • Structured lesson plans for classroom delivery by native speaking English teachers
  • Exam-format consolidation exercises
  • Unit-by-unit vocabulary list
  • A final mock test to evaluate student‛s progress


Unit 1: Learning in School

    • Warm-up: What do you like?
    • Listening: The clock says
    • Reading and writing: Dorothy goes shopping
    • Reading and writing: What’s this?
    • Grammar: There is / There are
    • Reading and writing: What‛s in the library?
    • Listening: My classroom
    • Reading and writing: What‛s the word?
    • Vocabulary

Unit 2: My Favourite Clothes

    • Warm-up: Upside down game
    • Writing and speaking: About myself
    • Reading and writing: Tick or cross?
    • Listening: Listen and tick
    • Grammar: Dorothy‛s learning pronouns
    • Reading and writing: Picnic time
    • Game: Clothes and seasons
    • Listening: Dorothy‛s picking clothes
    • Reading and writing: The missing letters
    • Writing: What‛s the colour?
    • Reading and writing: The opposite
    • Vocabulary

Unit 3: Colors Everywhere

    • Warm-up: Key words
    • Listening: Where‛s the scarf?
    • Grammar: Present simple tense
    • Writing: Number spelling
    • Game: A colourful school
    • Grammar: Determiners
    • Reading and writing: My Favourite colour
    • Reading: Sight reading
    • Vocabulary

Unit 4: Getting Around Town

    • Warm-up: Guess the places in Hong Kong
    • Reading and writing: Tick or cross?
    • Listening: Places in my town
    • Reading and matching: What transport?
    • Grammar: Present continuous tense
    • Reading and writing: At the zoo
    • Grammar: Adverbs
    • Listening: Giving directions
    • Writing: Adverb word jumble
    • Vocabulary

Unit 5: Playing with My Friends and Family

    • Warm-up: Family bingo
    • Reading and writing: What‛s the word?
    • Drawing and speaking: Meet my family
    • Reading and writing: My friend
    • Reading and writing: In the playroom
    • Listening: At the toy shop
    • Grammar: Conjunctions
    • Grammar: Plural nouns
    • Grammar: Gerunds
    • Writing and speaking: Family activity
    • Vocabulary

Unit 6: Doing Sport in the Snow

    • Warm-up: Let‛s match the pictures!
    • Listening: Leisure time
    • Grammar: Dorothy‛s learning gerunds
    • Listening: A happy rainy day
    • Structure: So do I!
    • Reading and writing: Tick or cross?
    • Structure: Let‛s play some sport!
    • Structure: Me too!
    • Reading and writing: A family outing
    • Vocabulary

Unit 7: The World Around Us

    • Warm-up: Guess the animals
    • Game: Visiting the farm
    • Reading and writing: The world around us
    • Listening: Beautiful scenery
    • Writing and speaking: Let‛s write a story!
    • Reading and writing: Minnie the squirrel
    • Listening: On the farm
    • Reading and writing: Tick or cross?
    • Speaking: Talking about the world around us
    • Vocabulary

Unit 8: I love my home!

    • Warm-up: Guess the object
    • Listening: The home
    • Grammar: Prepositions of place
    • Grammar: Prepositions of time
    • Listening: Where are they?
    • Structure: Question words
    • Structure: Impersonal you
    • Structure: A horse to ride
    • Reading and writing: Tick or cross?
    • Vocabulary

Unit 9: My Face and My Body

    • Warm-up: What now?
    • Game: Complete the baby‛s face
    • Reading and writing: Crossword time!
    • Listening: A lovely picnic spot
    • Grammar: “Can” for ability
    • Grammar: Adjectives
    • Writing: I can do it!
    • Song Appreciation: Head, shoulders, knees and toes
    • Vocabulary

Unit 10: Food and Drinks

    • Warm-up: Let‛s make flash cards!
    • Speaking: The odd one
    • Reading and writing: What would you like?
    • Listening: At a café
    • Reading and writing: Tick or cross?
    • Writing: Sentence construction
    • Reading, writing, drawing and speaking: Let‛s cook!
    • Vocabulary