Course Name:


No. of Lessons:

Lesson Duration:


Speaking Express L7

Secondary 1

30 (Suggested)

1 hr (Suggested)

Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.

Course Name: Speaking Express L7

Level: Secondary 1

No. of Lessons: 30 (Suggested)

Lesson Duration: 1 hr (Suggested)

Instructors: Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.


Eureka’s Speaking Express programme combines drama and media elements, such as role-plays, magazine writing and vlogging, to make English learning fun and engaging. At the same time, students can also gain skills that could help them better integrate into and serve the school community in the forms of taking part in school drama plays, being an English ambassador, emcee, a campus reporter or school club leader. Topics have been carefully chosen to match what students will need to learn at Junior Secondary level and are relatable to their everyday lives.


The programme aims to encourage students to practise drama, speaking and writing skills through a variety of themes and activities that are adaptable and relatable to daily life.


  • Drama and media studies are integrated into one succinct programme
  • Authentic and original role-play scripts provided on a range of topics
  • Guidance is provided to students depending on their abilities
  • A variety of outputs, such as vlogs, role-play performances, storytelling and interviews are used to showcase what students have learnt


Topic 1: Learning About Myself

    • Lesson 1: My Dream Job
      – Basic self-introduction
      – My strengths (adjectives)
      – Jobs and characteristics
      – About my dream job
    • Lesson 2: Hire Me: Self-Introduction
      – Reading: Job descriptions
      – Speaking practice: Job Interview
      – Writing and presentation: An effective self-introduction
    • Lesson 3: Interviewing a Friend
      – An interview with a friend
      – Open and closed questions
      – Planning and writing: An interview
    • Lesson 4: Sharing Session

Topic 2: Student Ambassadors

    • Lesson 5: The Campus
      – School facilities
      – Speaking practice: Giving directions
      – Role-play: Can you show me around?
    • Lesson 6: Attention: School Announcements
      – Listening exercise: School announcements
      – Role-play: School announcements
      – Planning: Make an announcement
    • Lesson 7: School Clubs
      – Role-play: The activities fair
      – Planning: Start your own club!
      – Speaking practice: Join my club!
    • Lesson 8: School Tour
      – Planning and writing: A school tour
      – Speaking practice: Giving a school tour
    • Lesson 9: Sharing Session

Topic 3: Speaking Up!

    • Lesson 10: Weather Report
      – Vocabulary: The weather
      – Warning symbols
      – Speaking practice: 7-day forecast
      – Role-play: When should we go hiking?
    • Lesson 11: News Headlines
      – Video: A TV news report
      – Reading: A newspaper article
      – Role-play: Live reporting
    • Lesson 12: Radio Show
      – Video: A radio show
      – Listening exercise
      – Role-play: A radio show
    • Lesson 13: Voice-over
      – Video: Voice-over artists
      – Vocal warm-up: Tongue twisters
      – Voice-over: An animation
    • Lesson 14: Sharing Session

Topic 4: Going Places: Hong Kong & Macau

    • Lesson 15: Welcome to Hong Kong!
      – Note-taking: Tourist attractions in Hong Kong
      – Brainstorming: Hong Kong itinerary
      – Role-play: A walking tour of Central
    • Lesson 16: Landmarks in Hong Kong
      – Game: Hong Kong trivia
      – Video: Landmarks around the world
      – Role-play: Not to be missed!
      – Scriptwriting: Recommend a landmark
    • Lesson 17: A Day Trip to Macau
      – Note-taking: Tourist attractions in Macau
      – Role-play: Tourist information centre
    • Lesson 18: Landmarks in Macau
      – Language: Expressing likes and dislikes
      – Reading & note-taking: Landmarks in Macau
      – Group discussion: Which landmark should I visit?
    • Lesson 19: My Travel Vlog
      – Video: A travel vlog
      – Role-play: Vloggers visiting Hong Kong
      – Script planning and writing: My vlog
    • Lesson 20: Souvenir Designer
      – Souvenirs from Hong Kong and Macau
      – Designing a souvenir
      – Speaking practice: Why you should buy my product
    • Lesson 21: TV Commercials
      – Videos: TV Commercials
      – Role-play: The best products ever!
      – Script planning and writing: My TV commercial
    • Lesson 22: Festivals in Hong Kong
      – Role-play: How we celebrate Chinese New Year
      – Reading & note-taking: Festivals in Hong Kong
      – Planning: A festive event
    • Lesson 23: Emcee at a Festive Event
      – Video: An emcee at an event
      – Role-play: Emcee at an event
      – Language and delivery
      – Scriptwriting: Emcee script
    • Lesson 24: Sharing Session

Topic 5: All About Food

    • Lesson 25: At the Supermarket
      – Vocabulary: The supermarket
      – Speaking practice: Using the self-service checkout
      – Role-play: Grocery shopping
    • Lesson 26: Recipes
      – Video: A cookery show
      – Role-play: Cookery show host
      – Reading and comprehension: Recipes
      – Scriptwriting: My favourite recipe
    • Lesson 27: A Cooking Competition
      – Video: A cooking competition
      – Vocabulary and useful phrases: Describing food
      – Role-play: Judges and contestants
    • Lesson 28: At a Fast-Food Restaurant
      – Role-play: At a fast-food restaurant
      – Speaking practice: Ordering at a fast-food restaurant
      – Useful phrases
    • Lesson 29: A Five-Star Experience
      – Vocabulary: Setting the table
      – Listening exercise: Setting the table
      – Role-play: At a five-star restaurant
    • Lesson 30: Sharing Session