Course Name:


No. of Lessons:

Lesson Duration:


Speaking Express L8

Secondary 2

30 (Suggested)

1 hr (Suggested)

Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.

Course Name: Speaking Express L8

Level: Secondary 2

No. of Lessons: 30 (Suggested)

Lesson Duration: 1 hr (Suggested)

Instructors: Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.


Eureka’s Speaking Express programme combines drama and media elements, such as role-plays, magazine writing and vlogging, to make English learning fun and engaging. At the same time, students can also gain skills that could help them better integrate into and serve the school community in the forms of taking part in school drama plays, being an English ambassador, emcee, a campus reporter or school club leader. Topics have been carefully chosen to match what students will need to learn at Junior Secondary level and are relatable to their everyday lives.


The programme aims to encourage students to practise drama, speaking and writing skills through a variety of themes and activities that are adaptable and relatable to daily life.


  • Integrates drama and media studies into one succinct programme
  • Authentic and original role-play scripts provided on a range of topics
  • Guidance is provided to students depending on their abilities
  • A variety of outputs, such as vlogs, role-play performances, storytelling and interviews are used to showcase what students have learnt


Topic 1: Popular Things

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Popular Culture
      – Warm-up: Two truths and a lie
      – What is popular culture?
      – Popular culture vs. High culture
      – Class survey
      – Hong Kong popular culture
    • Lesson 2: Speaking with Clarity
      – Warm-up: Password
      – Video: Fastest talker advertisement
      – The importance of the 7 voice elements
      – Script: Director’s Cut
    • Lesson 3: Non-Verbal Communication
      – Warm-up: Mime game
      – Video: Non-verbal communication
      – Body language
      – Review: How we speak
      – Role-play: In the classroom
    • Lesson 4: Speaking Practice
      – Warm-up: What’s in the box?
      – Tongue twisters
      – Vocal count
      – Speech: Awards ceremony
      – Role-play: School award ceremony
    • Lesson 5: Fashion Columns
      – Warm-up: Guess what I am wearing
      – Fashion columns
      – Clothing vocabulary
      – Descriptive writing
      – Interview skills: Planning questions
    • Lesson 6: Clothing Trends
      – Warm-up: I went to the shops and…
      – Clothing vocabulary crossword
      – Reading and writing: Clothing trends (optional)
      – Interview skills: Delivery
      – Video interview: Your fashion

Topic 2: Caring for Our Planet

    • Lesson 7: Recycling
      – Warm-up: Robot action game
      – Planet Earth
      – Recycling
      – Giving reasons
    • Lesson 8: Making Suggestions
      – Vocabulary: Adjectives
      – Phrases: Polite suggestions
      – Video and discussion: What can we do?
    • Lesson 9: How to Save the Planet
      – Problems and solutions
      – Read aloud and questioning: Green living
      – Writing: Save the planet
    • Lesson 10: Eco Programmes
      – Sample dialogue: 5p for a plastic bag!
      – Role-play: Driving vs. MTR
      – Video and group discussion: Eco programmes and facilities in school
    • Lesson 11: Green Campaign
      – Designing a green campaign for reusable water bottles poster
      – Creating an advert for a reusable water bottle
      – Green campaign poster and advert presentation
    • Lesson 12: Expressing Yourself
      – Creating stories from words to sentences
      – Using sounds, facial expressions and gestures
      – Role-play: Recycling bottles
    • Lesson 13: Storytelling
      – Storytelling tips
      – Video: Storytelling example
      – Story reading and comprehension: ‘The Future of the Present’

Topic 3: All about Stories

    • Lesson 14: What are Stories?
      – Warm-up: Picture prompts
      – Creating stories from sentences to stories
      – Character and setting
      – Problem and solution
    • Lesson 15: Descriptive Writing
      – Warm-up: riddles
      – Describing the environment
      – Describing people and feelings
      – Role-play: Sightseeing in New Zealand
    • Lesson 16: Creating a Story
      – Warm-up: Would you rather…?
      – Review: Storytelling in 7 steps
      – Writing a story and storytelling
    • Lesson 17: Introduction to Books
      – Warm-up: The missing word
      – All about books
      – Book genres
      – Reading and comprehension: ‘Rad Girls Can’
    • Lesson 18: Book Review 1
      – Warm up: Memory game
      – Reading skill: Understanding purpose, attitudes and feelings
      – Skill activity: Reading reviews
      – Writing: My book review
    • Lesson 19: Book Review 2
      – Text type: Book review
      – Relative clauses
      – Grammar and writing skills: Forming opinions, giving reasons, showing contrasts
      – Writing: My book review

Topic 4: Festivals around the World

    • Lesson 20: All about Festivals
      – Vocabulary and adjectives: Festivals around the world
      – Dialogue: Holiday in India
      – Phrases to politely disagree
      – Discussion: A place to celebrate Christmas
    • Lesson 21: Festival Vlog
      – Video: Example of a vlog
      – Create your own vlog
    • Lesson 22: Spain: La Tomatina
      – Video: La Tomatina
      – Dialogue: The biggest tomato fight
      – Keywords: Flamenco
    • Lesson 23: Spain: Flamenco
      – Video: La Flamenco
      – Speaking role-play: La Tomatina
      – Let’s dance
    • Lesson 24: TV Advertising
      – Dialogue prompts
      – Action words
      – TV advertising and role-play

Topic 5: Teenage Life and Problems

    • Lesson 25: Being a Teenager
      – Warm up: How are you?
      – Video: Being 12: The year everything changes
      – Sharing: My teenage life
      – Role-play: Being a teenager
    • Lesson 26: Teenage Vlog
      – Warm-up: My favourite thing about being a teenager
      – Video: My daily routine
      – Vlog: My daily routine
    • Lesson 27: Teenage Achievements
      – Warm-up: What am I thankful for?
      – Video: ‘Teenagers Answer – What’s Your Greatest’ Accomplishment?
      – Presentation: What I hope to achieve in my teenage years
    • Lesson 28: Teenage Responsibilities
      – Warm-up: What do these words mean to you?
      – What responsibilities do teenagers have?
      – Reading: Teenage responsibilities
      – Discussion: Today’s teenagers growing up more slowly
    • Leeson 29: Problem Solving
      – Warm-up: Scary or worrying?
      – Reacting to different scenarios
      – Reflection: Empathising with others
      – Role-play: I’m afraid of…
    • Lesson 30: Agony Aunt/Uncle
      – Reading: Magazine column ‘Problem Page’
      – Grammar: Language for giving advice
      – Writing: Letter of reply to problems