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Leap (Cambridge English: A2 KETfS)

Primary 5 – Secondary 1

10 (Suggested)

1 hr 30 mins (Suggested)

Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.

Course Name: Leap (Cambridge English: A2 KETfS)

Level: Primary 5 – Secondary 1

No. of Lessons: 10 (Suggested)

Lesson Duration: 1 hr 30 mins (Suggested)

Instructors: Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.


This programme has been designed to help build on and strengthen students’ basic knowledge of the English language. It covers all the four key skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing, using a wide range of interactive activities and practices, all of which will help them become confident and master the basics of English to communicate simple, basic needs. It covers topics that are suitable and appealing for teenagers and school-aged learners. This programme is also compatible for those who wish to take the A2 Key (KET) for Schools examination.


  • Topic-based curriculum covering all essential areas of the A2 Key for Schools syllabus and beyond, which includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar
  • Clearly defined learning objectives and meaningful tasks included in each unit
  • Structured lesson plans for classroom delivery by native-speaking English teachers
  • Exam-format exercises
  • Unit-by-unit vocabulary lists
  • Final mock tests to evaluate learning

The course can also be easily integrated into a school’s curriculum, as topics align with those that students would be familiar with, as well as grammar structures appropriate for their levels. Students can get use to an exam format in a fun and relaxed way, whereby the skills can be transferable in their future endeavours. This programme and the exam itself correspond to the A2 Level of the common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).


Unit 1: Home Sweet Home

    • Warm-up: Getting to know you
    • Writing: Which floor do you live on?
    • Speaking: What’s your home like?
    • Speaking: Who?
    • Vocabulary: Things at home
    • Reading and Speaking: From home to school
    • Grammar: What are they doing? (present continuous tense)
    • Reading: Our homes
    • Writing: My new home

Unit 2: Appliances and Services

    • Vocabulary: What are these?
    • Grammar: Turn on or turn off (phrasal verbs)
    • Reading and writing: Services around us
    • Listening: Where did they go?
    • Grammar: What you want and what you need (want and need)
    • Reading and Writing: Trip to the electronic shop
    • Writing: In a new place

Unit 3: Places in My Town

    • Vocabulary: Giving directions
    • Reading and Speaking: Use the crossing
    • Listening: How do I get there?
    • Grammar: Prepositions of time and means
    • Grammar: Prepositions of place
    • Reading: Where am I now?
    • Reading: What do these signs say?
    • Writing: Shopping tomorrow

Unit 4: Our Natural World

    • Speaking and vocabulary: City versus countryside
    • Reading: The world around us
    • Writing: The four seasons
    • Grammar: Gerunds
    • Listening: Out and about
    • Reading: Fiona loves nature
    • Listening: Liam’s weekend
    • Speaking: Do you love the countryside?

Unit 5: Travelling Around the World

    • Vocabulary: World map
    • Vocabulary: What is it?
    • Speaking: In our class…
    • Reading and Speaking: Don’t miss the bus
    • Reading and Speaking: Let’s travel
    • Grammar: How much do you know about verb tenses?
    • Listening: Study tour
    • Reading: New beginnings
    • Writing: Going on holiday

Unit 6: Entertaining Ourselves

    • Vocabulary: Are you going out this evening?
    • Vocabulary: What jobs do they do?
    • Grammar: Adjectives and adverbs
    • Listening: Weekend plan
    • Reading: Entertainment signs
    • Reading and writing: Music festival
    • Speaking: Entertaining myself

Unit 7: My Favourite Subject

    • Vocabulary: Which subject?
    • Speaking: Talking about my studies
    • Reading and speaking: Don’t forget to return the books!
    • Grammar: Adverbs of frequency
    • Grammar: I’m able to…
    • Listening: School information day
    • Reading: Primary school tales
    • Writing: My school life

Unit 8: Things I Do and Have

    • Reading and Vocabulary: Happy times
    • Reading and Vocabulary: Documents I can use
    • Reading and speaking: More documents
    • Grammar: How many times have you…? (frequency)
    • Grammar: Talking about plans (future)
    • Listening: Plans and things
    • Reading and writing: Our hobbies
    • Speaking: My favourite things to do

Unit 9: Eating and Drinking

    • Vocabulary: Things in the kitchen
    • Reading and Vocabulary: The food pyramid
    • Reading and Speaking: What are they having?
    • Grammar: Can we count them? (countable and uncountable nouns)
    • Grammar: Food and drink quantities
    • Listening: How was the food?
    • Reading: School cooking competition
    • Speaking: Good food good mood

Unit 10: Tech Guru

    • Warm-up: Are you a technology addict?
    • Vocabulary: Technology around us
    • Grammar: To-infinitives
    • Listening: What did they talk about?
    • Reading: Technology, then and now
    • Speaking: Opinions about technology
    • Writing: Running in the park