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Pre-S1 Bridging Course: Moral and Character (Theme-Based)


10 (Suggested)

3 hrs (Suggested)

Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.

Course Name:Pre-S1 Bridging Course: Moral and Character (Theme-Based)

Level: Pre-S1

No. of Lessons: 10 (Suggested)

Lesson Duration: 3 hrs (Suggested)

Instructors: Native English teachers with a university degree ; related teaching experience, and/or teacher training such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, PGDE/PCEd, etc.

Related Courses:


Eureka’s English Summer Bridging Programme aims to help develop and shape a student’s character and outlook through the medium of English. The themes cover moral and civic responsibilities using various social issues and topics whilst also strengthening students’ English listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, using a wide range of interactive activities and practice.


Day 1: Joy

    • Topic: Education
    • Section 1:
      • Greetings and introductions
      • Game: Alphabetical order
      • Video: The joys of learning
      • Discussion: What do you enjoy about school?
      • Game: Funny faces
      • Reading: Joy in school
    • Section 2:
      • Video: Can you teach happiness in schools?
      • Discussion: How could schools in Hong Kong spread joy?
      • Game: Clap on five
      • Reading: Education in Finland
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Writing: Should Hong Kong schools adopt a Finnish approach to education?

Day 2: Self-control

    • Topic: Technology
    • Section 1:
      • Warm-up: Don’t blink
      • Brainstorm: What is technology?
      • Discussion: Life without…
      • Language and technology
      • Video: Are you a tech addict?
      • Quiz and Speaking: Are you addicted to technology?
    • Section 2:
      • Video: Cookie Monster practises self-control
      • Discussion: How do you self-control?
      • Game: 5-4-3-2-1
      • Reading: Technology for Self-control
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Writing: Self-control technology use or use technology for self-control?

Day 3: Goodness

    • Topic: Popular culture
    • Section 1:
      • Survey: My favourite…
      • Brainstorm: What is popular culture?
      • Discussion: Is pop culture good or bad for society?
      • Video: How pop culture shapes reality and stereotypes
      • Stereotypes in Hong Kong
    • Section 2:
      • Video: Celebrities and philanthropy
      • Discussion: How charitable are you?
      • Game: Trading places
      • Reading: The rise and rise of celebrity philanthropy
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Writing: What are the pros and cons of celebrity philanthropy?

Day 4: Kindness

    • Topic: Home and neighbours
    • Section 1:
      • Warm-up: My dream home
      • The cost of living across the globe
      • Discussion: Pros and cons of my neighbourhood
      • Video: Where good exists
      • Five neighbours riddle
    • Section 2:
      • Video: Colour your world with kindness
      • Discussion: What can I do to be kind?
      • Game: Human knot
      • Reading: Kindness between neighbours benefits community
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Writing and speaking: Encouraging students to be kind

Day 5: Love

    • Topic: Heritage buildings
    • Section 1:
      • Warm-up: Where is this?
      • How are heritage buildings judged?
      • Discussion: What I love about Hong Kong
      • Photo presentation: Hong Kong
           – Then and now
      • Game: Ugly or beautiful
    • Section 2:
      • Video: Preserving old buildings through love
      • Discussion: Should old buildings be saved?
      • Game: Mingle, mingle, group!
      • Reading: Heritage preservation in Hong Kong and Macao
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Groupwork and presentation: Which building to save?

Day 6: Peace

    • Topic: Immigration
    • Section 1:
      • Survey: Where would you like to live?
      • Brainstorm: Why do people move?
      • Video: Migration
      • Speaking: Who’s in and who’s out?
      • Immigration poem
    • Section 2:
      • Video: Peace on Earth
      • Discussion: Migration as an opportunity to build peace
      • Game: Would you rather…?
      • Reading: The richest countries take the fewest refugees
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Role-play and writing: Immigration officer

Day 7: Gentleness and Patience

    • Topic: Discrimination
    • Section 1:
      • Warm-up: Sorting
      • Video: Discrimination
      • Discussion: What is discrimination?
      • Reading: Peter and Lucy
      • Challenging stereotypes
      • Why do we discriminate?
    • Section 2:
      • Video: Unity against discrimination
      • Reading: Overcoming disabilities
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Game: Silent ball
      • Discrimination Role-play
      • Activity: Notes of kindness

Day 8: Loyalty

    • Topic: Family
    • Section 1:
      • Warm-up: Nosy neighbours
      • Activity: My picture family
      • Video: What is family?
      • Discussion: What is family?
      • Family riddles
    • Section 2:
      • Video: The gift of a foster parent / Learning sign language for a deaf sibling
      • Discussion: Being loyal and loving to family and friends.
      • Activity: Sign language
      • Reading: Love and trust the key to family prosperity
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Writing : What I love about my family and friends

Day 9: Resilience

    • Topic: In the workplace
    • Section 1:
      • Warm-up: Types of jobs and qualifications
      • Video: What job is right for you?
      • Quiz: Employment distribution in Hong Kong
      • Discussion: Major industries and trades in Hong Kong
    • Section 2:
      • Game: Would you rather….?
      • Reading: The benefits of working abroad
      • Speaking and reflection: Pros and cons of different jobs
      • Writing and individual presentation: When I am 25 years old…

Day 10: Thoughtfulness

    • Topic: Leisure and sports
    • Section 1:
      • Warm-up: Sporting mime
      • Quiz: Test Your sporting knowledge
      • Discussion: Sport advertising techniques
      • Speaking: Product advertisement
      • Game: Brain break
    • Section 2:
      • Video: How playing sports benefits your body and your brain
      • Discussion: Do people do enough sports in Hong Kong?
      • Reading: Sports in society
           – Vocabulary building
           – Comprehension
      • Writing and individual presentation: Afternoon fitness programmes for students